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Recreation Referee Schedule - Saturday June 8th

Please accept game assignments by Tuesday June 4th midnight

by sending an email to 


  • Accepted assignments are BOLD / ITALICS / UNDERLINE
  • Yellow Highlight indicates team wears YELLOW and referee should bring other colors
  • All officials should bring RED or BLACK shirts just in case
  • Open assignments are listed as "?????" 



  Field #6 Field #8 Field #9 Field #10 Field #12
  U-6 U-8 U-9G  U-10 U-12 and U-19
  Referee Referee Referee Referee AR AR Referee AR AR
9:00 AM             Paul McAdam Jacob Cedor Marshall Lind
9:30 AM Macayla McAdam Khiara Brunelle         Jacob Cedor Paul McAdam Marshall Lind
10:00 AM     Casey Chin       Marshall Lind Paul McAdam Jacob Cedor
10:30 AM Macayla McAdam                
10:45 AM   Charles Krumholz              
11:30 AM Isaac Charmorro   Grace MacKrell Connor Powell Tory Cormier Roslyn Esposito      
12:00 PM   Andan Fry         Casey Chin ????? Malinda Fry
12:30 PM